Five Things You Shouldn’t Bring On Vacation

November 4, 2015


Packing, for most people, is usually one of the most stressful parts of going on vacation. You don’t want to forget anything but you don’t want to bring too much. Maybe you make a series of list, or perhaps you’re a panic packer. Either way here a few things that you should leave off your lists and out of your suitcase.

  1. A laptop. Unless you need to bring it for something specific leave the computer at home. It takes up a lot of space, they are heavy and you never actually use it. Between a phone and a tablet you should be covered for any ‘practical’ reason to bring a one, so leave it at home. If you are missing it, you’re probably vacationing wrong.
  2. Hairdryer. Even the travel sized ones take up valuable suitcase room. All hotels have hair dyers, no need to bring your own.
  3. Expensive jewelry. Losing that shit sucks, so keep it in a safe place: your house.
  4. Those ‘just’ incase heels. Or jacket, or anything else you are bringing incase you go out somewhere fancy, or it gets too cold, etc. It’s fine to bring stuff because you will go somewhere fancy or it’s definitely getting cold, but don’t try to fit an outfit for every opportunity into one suitcase.
  5. Too many toiletries. Again most hotels supply you with soap, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. Maybe you need to bring a few extras like your favourite face cleanser, some styling cream and a sunblock. Just whatever you do, do it travel sized. Buy the tiny overpriced versions or get some small re-usable containers, don’t bring full sized stuff that takes up a lot of space and will probably just end up leaking in your bag.

– Travel AVEC LUI – KL

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