My Vegan Diet

November 24, 2015


There’s an article swimming around the internet about a young girl who goes vegan, then stops eating properly and blames veganism for the mess of her health complications that have come about. The article is wrongfully titled ‘My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me.’

In the article she admits to going on a month long juice cleanse of only 800 calories a day. Juice cleanses are not synonymous with veganism. Let’s just get that clear right now. Yes, we drink juice but we drink it and then eat some delicious, healthy vegan food. She says her body was extremely vitamin deficient and only after she started eating salmon and eggs did she begin to get her energy back. However, if she ate a vegan diet that consisted of at least 2,000 calories a day she would never have been in that shape in the first place. She claims that her ‘vegan’ diet consumed every waking hour but a real vegan would never ‘pace the party table, agonizing over … a slice of birthday cake.’ They would just say ‘no, thank you’ to a cake that is probably filled with butter, cream and eggs without hesitation and without another thought.

After reading the article (click here if you would like to read it for yourself), it sounds like she lived on a juice diet, that she wasn’t really vegan, but maybe she followed a plant based diet and made the occasional exception (or at least thought about it). So please, if you are thinking about being vegan or are new to veganism, do not let articles like this deter you from the truth: A vegan diet is healthy, delicious and easy.

– eat AVEC LUI – KL

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