#TB to Galway, Ireland and What to Pack

November 13, 2015


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For this weeks travel post I’d like to throw it back. Just over two years ago I was visiting Ireland and like most people who go to the tiny island country I had more then one city as my destination. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of Irish people (before, during and after my trip) and while many hate Dublin, make cracks at Limerick, joke about Cork, I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Galway and for good reason. The harbour city is place everyone should be lucky enough to visit.

The city has some wonderful history; the Spanish Arc still has some of the cities original medical walls. I enjoyed walking along Salt Hill with an unobstructed view of the North Atlantic. The city centre is brightly coloured and bustling with pubs, restaurants and shopping, the perfect place to pick up a souvenir, perhaps a hand knitted sweater or a Claddagh ring. The night is fun, live music fills the the streets beckoning you into the pubs for a Guinness.

I was lucky to have amazing weather when I visited but like most of Ireland, rain is more than a threat. Make sure you pack a rain jacket and a pair of boots. The breeze off the ocean is chilly, warm layers are a must. Water proof mascara incase you do get caught in the rain between pub visit. Some feminine touches like a signature scent will have you feeling romantic in the intimate city.

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