Tomboy Must Have: The Evolution of the Suit

November 15, 2015



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We have Coco Chanel to thank for many things but, in my mind, giving women the suit is her greatest gift to us. Back in the 1920’s she created the women’s ‘new uniform’; a feminine suit usually paired with a string of pearls and a cardigan. It’s still the uniform of ladies who lunch.

Skip forward to the forties and see how Katherine Hepburn revolutionized the male suit showing women everywhere that it can sexy and feminine. She wore it slouchy and oversized, instead of tailored like the previous versions.

Lets roll forward, remembering all the other wonderful progessions; YSL’s le smoking jacket in the 1960’s and the exaggerated shoulders of the 1970’s. The power suits of eighties brought on a change with every major designer jumping on board. The nineties saw the suit relax slightly, being paired with lace and bras for a feminine touch. Early 2000’s was the era for aggressive mini skirts, a la Ally McBeal, power and femininity.

These days the suit is just as much women’s as it is men’s. We have the ability to wear it to work, wear it to the bar, wear it to a wedding and make it completely our own.

– dress AVEC LUI – KL

– Suit The Kooples – Shirt vintage – Sunglasses unknown – shoes stan smith for adidas – 


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