Why is Everything Pink?

November 10, 2015



I know, since I grew up a tomboy, that being into sports wasn’t exactly seen as something girly. Getting sweaty was usually frowned upon on which is why most girls in my gym class tried their hardest to do as little as possible. I’m glad that so many women find a way to add fitness into their lives as adults.

With that being said, I understand why fitness apparel companies have to cater to these women. But what about the rest of us that don’t want to work out looking like bubble gum? The running shoe wall in the women’s section looks like Barbie threw up all over it. Would it kill someone to design a women’s shoe in black without neon pink trim?

While most workout clothes have a black option, it’s usually the colour that sells out the fastest leaving us with the ‘my little pony’ colours. Luckily there are few places I’ve discovered that have us tomboys in mind. Lululemon makes great leggings and shorts for running (and yoga) and there is always an abundance of black and grey. You can usually find a good sports bra there too in none-offensive colour. Urban Outfitters fitness collection Without Walls will have working out all day it’s so on point. I usually go for Nike shoes, I’m lucky that I can buy kids sizes and little boys shoes normally come in black. Unfortunately sometimes they sell out and I’m stuck with buying the little girls shoes… which is why my sneakers look like cotton candy right now. But it’s better to run in bright blue sneakers with hot pink trim then not run at all.

– Get Fit AVEC LUI – KL

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