World Vegan Day

November 1, 2015

Here’s a video to celebrate today! A-Z’s of being vegan:

A – Animal Lover: Because you can’t love animals and eat them at the same time.

B – Bananas: They’ve become a huge staple in my diet.

C – Compassion: For all other earthlings and trying to live a cruelty free life becomes part of my everyday.

D – (veggie) Dogs: Once looked at as gross they become an easy meal at any bbq, they replace pizza after a night of drinking, and maybe the only thing you can eat at most sports event.

E – Energy: You’ll experience a new kind of natural energy not based on sports drinks or caffeine but fuelled by the food you eat.

F – Fruit: No longer scary and ‘full of sugar’ it’s the greatest breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert…

G – Going out to eat: This can be limited if you go to a regular restaurant and don’t want to ask a million questions about each meal or amazing if you go somewhere that caters for vegans. I try not eat at regular restaurants just in case, but sometimes you have to (not all your friends will want to go to Fresh with you every single time you go out). I try to look online a head of time to see what they have, and most restaurants have been extremely accommodating.

H – Hydration: You will naturally crave more water but you will always intake more foods with a higher water content, like fruit and veg.

I – (stronger) Immune system: your immune system will be stronger then ever because of all the fruit and veg you will inevitably be eating. (If you are eating healthy, can’t say anything about those unhealthy vegan – yes they exist).

J – Juice: Has a different meaning: it’s cold-press, organic and raw: no more fruit flavoured sugar water.

K – Kale (and other greens): Because who doesn’t love eating nutrient dense super foods.

L – Lifestyle: It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

M – Mindfulness: Mental clarity will contribute to a sense of mindfulness you haven’t experienced before: things that really matter become clear and other just seems less significant (at least this is my experience).

N – Nutritional Yeast: Vegan cheese.

O – Oreos: Accidentally vegan, and enjoyed once in a while with a glass of almond milk.

Q – Quick Recovery: Your body will recovery a lot fast with a vegan diet.

R – Raw: There’s no better way to reset your system then eating fruit and veg the way natured intended.

S – Society: Their views is something you will likely deal with the rest of your life (it’s not so bad though, you learn to ignore it).

T – Tofu, tempeh, seitan: Three delicious meat alternatives (all food in video is from Hogtown Vegan

U – Unlimited carbs – Never count a calorie again and still lose weight (as long as you are eating healthily).

V – Vitamins: A multi-vitamin pill something of the past with a plant based diet. You get all the vitamins you need just by eating (oh except B 12).

W – Weightless: You will lose weight when you come to this diet and you won’t even have to think about it (as long as you are eating healthily).

X – Sex Drive: It will be better.

Y – Yum: Despite what everyone things, this diet is delicious.

Z – Zillions of benefits for the environment: There are so many reasons ( a zillion to be exact) to become vegan, saving the environment is just a large chunk of them.…

Some alternatives that just didn’t make it (because I wasn’t sure how to film them): Antioxidants, health, happiness, disease prevention, super foods, gains, strength.

– eat AVEC LUI – KL

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