Gift Guide Part 2: The Traveller

December 9, 2015


Back with part 2 of my 2015 Christmas gift guides. This one is for the travelling girl in your life.

  1. A sleep mask or neck pillow to help them sleep on the plane, train, bus, or anywhere they find themselves trying to acclimate to jet lag.
  2. A flask they can fill to help them sleep on the train, bus, etc. Or help them make new friends in a foreign city 😉
  3. Three really compliments gift two very well, or it can stand alone as a stocking stuffer or secret santa gift. There are few cocktails to choose from but all come with everything you need to create the perfect drink – minus the alcohol.
  4. Sunglasses are every travellers best friend; they can complete any outfit, hide bags caused from jet lag or a late night of drinking with your new best friends, and be an easy alternative to eye makeup. A pair of statement sunglasses like these Ray Bans that can still be worn with everything are ideal.
  5. A watch for travelling is a must as well. Something plain like this Marc Jacobs watch can help make any t-shirt and jeans outfit (a vacation staple) look polished.
  6. A small slim wallet to hold only the essentials and keep that lump pick-pockets look for to a minimum. This one from Matt&Nat is also made of vegan leather so, win-win.

Check back on Friday for the Stylish Tomboy.

– Gift AVEC LUI – KL

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