Gift Guide Part 3: The Stylish Tomboy

December 11, 2015


People who are into fashion (even tomboys) are often the hardest to buy for because you want to get them clothes, something they’ll love and wear all the time. Don’t try, it’s almost impossible; here are some helpful alternatives.

  1. Fashion extends beyond clothes; why not get her a new signature scent. This one from TokyoMilk called Bulletproof will have her sold with just one look of the bottle and totally in love once she smells the musky wood and smoke scent.
  2. Remember when I said no clothes? Well this is the one exception because a girl can’t have too many men’s white dress shirts. Get a good quality one or one with a small detail, like french cuffs, or black buttons, perhaps tuxedo detailing…
  3. All tomboys can appreciate a good snap back. This one with tomboy on the front is a gift she’ll appreciate even if she never wears it. She can hang it in her foyer, room, mantle piece, etc.
  4. Jewelry is tricky, don’t go for anything to feminine or with too much bling. Something like this Alexander McQueen skull ring is amazing.
  5. Remember when I said fashion extends beyond clothes? Well, as a bartender I know that what you drink says just as much about your style as does the clothes on your back. You know that no tomboy is going to be drinking no pink cosmos or other fruity cocktails. However, a bottle of something hard like this bottle of Bourbon will have her tickled pink.
  6. Stocking stuffer idea: Nars black eyeliner. Everyone likes black liner.
  7. This coffee table book about Men’s style will fit nicely next to her copies of Monacle and Esquire while giving her tons of outfit inspiration.

I’ll be posting the last part of 2015 gift guides on Monday, for the hostess in your life.

– Gift AVEC LUI – KL

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