Gift Guide Part 4: For the Hostess

December 14, 2015


This is the final chapter of my 2015 Christmas gift guide. This one is for the hostess, foodie, cook, entertainer, homebody, you know the one.

  1. This Crossroads cookbook is full of amazing vegan recipes she’ll be inviting people over just to test some of them out.
  2. If you entertain, you know you can never have too many serving sets. A pretty pair will always be an appreciated gift.
  3. Another thing you can never have too much of? Measuring cups. Especially cute ones like this.
  4. A cute cocktail shaker she can display party or no party.
  5. Julia Child said that every cook needs a mortar and pestle, this is something you can find in pretty much any kitchen supply store so it makes it an easy gift to find and give.
  6. Potted herb garden she can have on hand for fresh herbs any time make a cute and thoughtful present.

Happy Gifting everyone.

– Gift AVEC LUI – KL

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