Glam Up A Tomboy Outfit With These Quick Tricks

January 8, 2016


Androgyny is bigger than ever in the fashion world, and many more women are deciding to leave their frilly dresses behind in favour of looks a little more on the manly side. For additional information on how much men and women’s fashion worlds have recently merged, this article offers a great perspective.

And with all this recent change in “gender-specific dressing,” women have a lot of questions about pulling off masculine clothing. And for good reason! There is a fine line between simply dressing like a guy and actually looking like one, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up dealing with the latter scenario.

That’s where I come in. Since this is my thing, I’ve learned a ton of tips and tricks along the way to making a tomboy outfit girl-friendly. Just because you’ve decided to dress in masculine clothing doesn’t mean you have to leave out feminine details. You can easily borrow from the boys without looking like one; it just takes a little practice and attention to accessories. For those who need a little direction, I’ve compiled some of my best tricks for incorporating glamourous elements into tomboy outfits.

Mix Fabrics

Overly masculine materials are chunky compared to those of women’s clothing. When layering feminine and masculine pieces, you want to juxtapose the thickness of big men’s jackets with thin women’s tees. Or, perhaps try a pair of tights beneath an oversized military jacket. If you’re into lace, it’s the ultimate feminine fabric sure to bring a little daintiness to your look.

Try Trendy Elements

Not only ideal for staying relevant within the fashion scene, trendy elements do a great job of showing off your style savvy and personality. This fashion website creates quirky lists catering to a wide variety of looks, showing unconventional ways to bring trendy pieces into any outfit. For example, chokers are back in style for women, which would be an edgy yet feminine addition to any tomboy ensemble.

Remember Your Colours

One instant way to bring glam into an outfit is to accessorise with pieces in “girly” colours. Because masculine clothes are often offered in shades like navy, grey, black and the like, you’ll want to incorporate a fun pop of pink or purple to brighten up the outfit. Consider a unique pair of sunglasses or cool belt.

Choose A Bag

Many women like to carry a satchel or handbag from their favourite designers. This advice article suggests adding a bright clutch to your masculine pieces, like the yellow one they include. If a clutch isn’t practical enough for you, consider a mini backpack in a similar shade.

The key to mixing feminine and masculine pieces is to pay attention to the balance. If you add just one extremely girly element and leave the rest of your outfit to the men’s section, you might end up with a look that seems lopsided and inadequate. Simple feminine touches woven throughout your tomboy outfit are the perfect way to bring the differing styles into one complete look.

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