Happy 2016!

January 1, 2016

ny01 ny03

January first is always so bitter sweet, right?

You’ve been waiting for it. You have big goals for the new year and you are super excited to start making things happen! But when the day finally arrives you wake up and your head is imploding with the last years big final blow-out. You start to doubt yourself, it’s the first day and you’re already useless. Well don’t beat your self up too badly. You always have to throw out the first pancake and today is no exception.

As far as I’m concerned, goals and resolutions don’t matter until the second of January. So Happy New Year and here’s to a new and better you (and me)… starting tomorrow. For today? I’m wearing t-shirts and bedsheets and working on nothing but my curing my hangover.

– KL –

T-shirt from SOOP SOOP

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