Vegan Guide to Toronto Part 3: Brunch

January 26, 2016

This is the finally chapter to my Toronto vegan guides. I saved the best for last: Brunch! You won’t be missing eggs or bacon with tasty dishes these restaurants serve.

Check out Part1: My top 5 favourites and Part2: Places to eat with Omnivores.


Fresh Restaurants  4 locations

Personal Favourites: Pancake platters! You get two pancakes, tofu scramble and choice of vegan sausage or tempeh bacon (definitley get the sausage).

Menu Bonuses: The lunch/dinner menu is available during brunch hours as well incase you don’t feel like breakfast food. The beach bowl is one of my favourites. And definitley add a drink to your meal; fresh juices are a good way to go, I also love their chocolate ‘milk’.

Heads up: Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 10:30 am until 3pm, it can get pretty busy and they don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait a little. Generally, the turnover is quick and you won’t wait too long.


Starving Artist 3 locations

Heads up: They have vegan waffles which are ah-mazing, but they don’t have any specific vegan dishes. You just have to pick your own toppings (lots of options) or modify one of the other dishes.

Perk me-ups: Large tea and cofee menu and of course they have almond and soy milk.

7 days a week: They are opened 9am-6pm daily, so you can have brunch 7 days a week.


Karine’s – Dundas and McCaul

Menu Bonuses: They have some very different options to other restaurants. Everything is fresh and delicious and the portions are big. Plus they have free coffee refills and sweet treats for later.

7 days a week: You can get breakfast from Karine’s Sunday through Saturday.

Heads up: Not everything is vegan, so make sure you read the menu. Also, it’s cafeteria style but the service is friendly and fast.


Kupfert & Kim’s – 2 locations

Personal Favourites: Definitley try their congee for a delicious, savoury and healthy breakfast or for something lighter the blue smoothie bowl is die-for (even though nothing did).

7 days a week: All day breakfast is available everyday of the week, plus you can order from their lunch menu from 11 am onwards.

Menu Bonuses: Everything is healthy, hearty, and fast. But trust me, you won’t be disappointed with the taste.


Lola’s Kitchen – Church south of Bloor

Personal Favourites: Curried tofu scramble and their vegan crepe with coconut creme, yum!

Perk me-ups: Perhaps you are a tad hungover? Who isn’t at brunch, amirite? Cure your hangover with a mimosa or bloody-mary (hold the Worcestershire sauce).

Heads up: Brunch is served 10am – 4pm Saturdays and Sundays. They can get pretty busy so maybe call ahead. And, be sure specify with your server that you want the vegan options.









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