Vegan Spotlight: Lush

March 22, 2016

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Because we know that veganism is more than a diet I’ve decided to start promoting some vegan brands/products here on Le Blog. Not for money or free products (although if any brands want me to review anything I’ll take some swag) but because I know how hard it can be to find a good product that’s also vegan.

I wish it was as easy as walking into a store and heading to their ‘vegan’ section or simply looking on a label for some indication that this product was produced without harming or containing animals and their by products. Maybe someday we it will but until we always have Lush.

It’s a vegan’s dream, or as close as you can get without literally everything being vegan, but I’m not here to nit-pick (and maybe someday it will be). We all know their stance on animal testing: they are against it, so no worries there. Plus, every safe product has a V (V for vegan) on the label which saves you the precious time of lulling over the ingredients list and gives you more time to smell all the bath bombs.

While I’ve never used a Lush product I didn’t like, here are a few of my favourites that I continue to buy over and over again.

  1. DIRTY body wash: smells like a minty cologne, a nice change from most of the overly sweet, fruity smelling shower gels.
  2. BIG BLUE bath bomb: super relaxing smell, makes you feel like you are floating in the ocean, seaweed included.
  3. BREATHE OF FRESH AIR toner water: like spraying yourself in the face with sea water which would be enough for me but it also helps even skin tone and reduces redness
  4. ANGELS ON BARE SKIN face and body cleanser: my favourite product, cleans the skin while gently exfoliating leaving it soft and fresh feeling without being stripping.

Feel free to check out my current skincare and makeup routine featuring some of these Lush products.

– primp AVEC LUI –   KL

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