The Relaxed Season: Spring Must Haves

April 14, 2016

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Spring is upon us: warmer temperatures, longer days and exposed midriffs. While I’m not against the crop top (in fact, I love them) I can’t help but notice the trend is taking over the whole world. Of course they are always worn with all-stars or nikes, accompanied with skinny jeans or adidas leggings, a bomber/moto/jean jacket and of course topped off with a 90’s inspired, black choker. There is no denying that while being stylish this look is also comfortable AF which is probably why you can’t wear it without looking like your are twinning with everyone between the ages of 14-32.

Last year I was jumping for joy when the weather finally allowed crop tops and yet this year I can’t help but gravitate towards something a little more relaxed (no sit-ups required). This spring/summer, for me, is all about flares, 501s, cut-offs, vintages tees, 70’s inspired blouses, men’s dress shirts (always), canvas shoes like chucks or Keds and bandanas. The perfect uniform for running on the pier, peeling off before a dip in the ocean and soaking up the sun with vegan ice cream. Summer should be packed full of plans; enjoy as much of the good weather as possible. While the the season tends to be a bit high maintenance my wardrobe doesn’t have to. 2016: the summer of jeans and tees. Causal sartorial easiness.



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