Levis, Levis everywhere, not a pair to wear

May 3, 2016

LEVISMy last post was all about my plan for the perfect, easy summer uniform. Vintage tee’s, flouncy hippy blouses and white Keds. All paired with the most important part of the uniform, the perfect pair of worn-in Levis. And while there is no shortage of the classic 501, I have yet to find the perfect fit.

I fear the problem is my body, not the denim. The pictures of all the denim I find show these long-legged models with tiny waist and large, uh, bums. The jeans are the perfect fit on them; tight in the right places and yet just the right amount of baggy in others. After trying on several pairs, I’ve noticed a similar, annoying trend.

They all seem to be too tight in the wrong places and baggy in places that just make me look shorter and, well, chunky (even though I’m not really that chunky). I know I’ve always carried my weight on my stomach and the jeans just seem to emphasize it, making me look like I’m a mom in jeans opposed to wearing ‘mom’ jeans. I’m not a mom, btw. The legs are then quite baggy giving my thighs the illusion of being bigger than they actually are. I told you, annoying.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, my search will continue, but for now I’ll broaden it to the perfect jeans, not just Levis. I’m thinking something with a little stretch.

-Dress AVEC LUI-

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