Bling Nose-Ring

May 6, 2017

This is the first time I’ve posted a picture of myself on this blog in … in awhile. I know I have been absent over the last year but hopefully that will change as I’ve been re-inspired to start the blog again. I might look very different from the last time I posted a pic. I probably still had blue hair and definitely didn’t have my new accessory (and the topic of today’s post). Well, accessory sounds like a bought a new hat and this was slightly more invasive. So, let’s call it a new addition: my septum piercing.

There was a time when having this piercing would have probably intimidate people. It was popular 80’s and 90’s for punks, rebels and the people my mother would have called hooligans. Who knew that thirty-ish years later it would become a trend; seen on pop stars, in the pages of fashion magazines and many teenaged girls (and boys). It’s this generations belly button piercing but genderless.

Regardless of it’s current trendiness it still adds a little edge to anyones look, despite the fact the piercing didn’t hurt at all! And, just like my blue hair afforded me the luxury to wear the most basic shit on earth and still feel cool, with this tiny gold ring I can now wear slightly girlies items (things I wouldn’t have worn before) and still feel like me. Punk not Priss.  Perhaps that’s not how everyone sees it but it’s how I feel and really, if I’m being honest, fuck-what-the-rest-of-you-think. 😉

– KL


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