MAY Monthly Favourites: Cruelty Free + Vegan Make up

May 31, 2017


I’ve decided to add monthly favourites as a recurring post because I have stuff that I like. Like a lot. I never thought I could really do a monthly favourites list because unlike most bloggers who seem to love trying new products, I generally stay true-blue to things I love. Which is why I can’t come up with a new list every month consisting of 10-15 new things I think you must try. Instead I’m doing a short cohesive themed monthly favourites. Hope you enjoy, let’s get to it.

For this first month we’s talkin’ about make up. 🙂 It’s an easy one for me because, like I said, I don’t switch up my products very often PLUS I don’t wear that much make up. However, I know that finding vegan beauty products – while getting easier – is still a pain in the ass. So, I appreciate other people’s CF + V list because it saves me the time googling a new brand I may want to try. So, maybe someone will appreciate mine too. For me it’s very important that my make up is cruelty free, vegan and easily replaced when I run out. Here is current make up staples that tick all the boxes

  1. HOURGLASS eyebrow pencil. In a world where brow tattooing is like going to the dentist for some people, the eyebrow pencil is now a staple in everyone’s make up bag. I like this one because it’s easy to use, you don’t have to sharpen it, has built in brow brushes at the end and it’s build-able. Hourglass is CF but isn’t 100% vegan but they do have a lovely list of their vegan products. 
  2. NUDESTIX mascara. I like a mascara that can length, thicken and not clump. And while almost all claim they can, many can’t. This one is pretty close to perfect. Again, Nudestix is CF but not all vegan friendly but you can do a quick ‘vegan’ word search on the website to find out which products are.
  3. ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH highlighter stick. This might only be available at M&S so if you don’t live in the UK, sorry. However, if you I recommend trying this one. It’s subtle, blend-able and easy to use. I’m not sure if the whole line is vegan or not but according to the M&S website this one is.
  4. JOSIE MARAN coconut oil blush. First off, I much prefer gel blushes because they give a nice dewy-ness to your skin that you just can’t get with a powder blush. Plus no brush needed, just your finger. I’ve used this one for a while and I really like it. Again this line isn’t totally vegan but it’s clearly stated which products are and aren’t.

Those are my make up staples at the moment and this months monthly favourites. Just going to leave you with a little advice on shopping cruelty free. Always check the website’s about us/faq page for information on their animal testing. If you can’t find anything, assume they test on animals. And, if they sell in China, don’t even bother looking them up. I always do a quick vegan word search on their website and see what products come up and then double check the ingredients (lanolin, beeswax and E dyes are the usually the big ones). You can try messaging the company directly, I usually use Instagram because someone is generally on it. AND when in doubt, don’t buy.


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