Summer Lovin’

May 3, 2017


You’re probably thinking that I’m jumping the gun a little with this title. Don’t worry. I’m all too aware of this fact but, quite frankly, I’m over spring. BRING ON SUMMER.

Hmm… that didn’t seem to work, it’s still mild AF outside. Well, if declaring I’m ready for everyones fave season didn’t make it act like your junior prom date (aka coming early) then perhaps this post will. Positive thinking everybody.

I’m ready for warmer weather and everything that comes with it (bathing suits, surfing, picnics, camping, cut-offs). Here is my mood board for summer to help inspire everyone and hopefully with all our positive thoughts summer can penetrate the month of May and ride us until late September.  It’s going to be blue sky, green seas, millennial pink mens t-shirts and good vibez all around.

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