Brighton W’s

June 27, 2017


I had a goal when I restarted this blog to post more about my travels. I fully intend to, once I travel somewhere worth while to post about. In the mean time I thought I’d share some insider knowledge of my current location. So here’s the W’s (who, what, where, when) of Brighton.


Brighton is a seaside town located almost directly south of London. Very popular day trip spot so weekends in the summers can be jammed. It’s got a rock beach, a pier, some crazy little streets and a pretty interesting night scene.


What to do:

  • Definitely check out the pier. It’s touristy and cheesy but that’s part of it’s charm. Eat some candy floss and enjoy a ride or too or just go for the beautiful view of the town.
  • Take a walk down the seafront. again it can be cheesy AF but grab a drink, sit on the beach and buy yourself a silly Brighton souvenir. End at hove gardens where you can take some pretty Instagram photos of the colour beach huts.
  • While you’re on the sea front make sure you stop to look at the west pier; it burnt down many years ago so nothing is left but the frame and it’s very beautiful especially at sunset and while you are there you should definitely go for a swim or rent a kayak.
  • Head up town towards the North Laines and have a browse through some very unique shops (be sure to hit up Family Store, Mysteries LTD , Infinity Foods, Wolf + Gyspy)
  • Walk around the parks at Old Steine and upwards to the Level (if you are into skating check out the Level skate park). Have a picnic or pims in the grass.
  • Go get wasted in the Lanes. With a great mixture of pubs, dives, hipster and cocktail bars there is something for everyone or you could do a pub crawl and hit them all and finish your night with some chips from one of the many late night fish and chips spots on the sea front.
  • Take a the 77 bus to Devil’s dyke and enjoy some of the english country side.
  • Keep your eyes open for colourful graphics of Brighton’s own street artist Minty,

What to skip:

  • The i360 is a relatively new resurrection and one that I think is overrated, if you want a great view of Brighton go on the pier.
  • Stay away from West street and Western Road, both are super tacky nightlife places that attract hen and stag parties. Stay away.
  • There is some pretty cool shopping in both north and south lanes but there isn’t a need to visit the shopping centre
  • The Royal Pavilion is definitely worth a look from the outside (especially at night when it’s all lit up) but unless you are a huge history buff going inside is overpriced a little dull.


Where to eat: Brighton happens to be UK’s vegan capital, here are some of my favourites:

  • Purezza: located in Kemptown, you got vegan pizzas and italian food, including a raw menu. I recommend the Cheesus.
  • Loving Hut: there are two located in Brighton and their menu’s couldn’t be more different. Check out the LH in the North Laines for wicked vegan Chinese food (defo get the wonton soup) or head up the LH in the Level for some pretty spot on vegan junk food (try the fake chickn’ burger).
  • Hope and Ruin: another awesome spot if you feel like some vegan junk food. Their fries-a-go-go are to-die-for.
  • Vbites: another vegan junk food spot that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend BUT on Sundays they serve vegan roast that comes with a YORKSHIRE PUDDING. Probably the only place in the city that has a vegan yorkie.
  • Happy Maki: vegan sushi burrito rolls, ’nuff said.
  • Glazed: ALL. VEGAN. DONUTS.
  • Honourable mentions: Earth + Stars (not vegan but has some pretty awesome options), Pho (Vietnamese chain with veggie options, make sure you specify no fish sauce), Grubbs (cheap Brighton burger chain, 4 locations with vegan options, it’s fucking amazing)

Where to drink:

  • For cocktails: Twisted Lemon, Mesmerist, Dandelion
  • Pubs: Fiddler’s Elbow, The Bee’s mouth, Black Dove
  • Bars: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, East Street Tap
  • For craft beer: Bier Haus, Brewdog
  • For patio sun beers: Mash Tun, Fortune of war (heed this warning: get out before the sun goes down)



May: Brighton Fringe Festival happens all month long and the legendary Speigltent Tent is there for you loose hours in.

June – August: Obviously summer is the best time to come. It happens all at once and it’s hard to pinpoint when it will be but all of a sudden the city comes alive. The beach is packed, the streets are bustling and every patio is full.

July: Pride week is always a good time.

September – October: Summer lingers in Brighton, you can thank the sea for that. Fall isn’t as busy but still a good time.


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