Swim Fan – a guide to getting in the sea

June 21, 2017


Ok bitches! It’s fucking summer and you best believe I’m spending as much of it in the sea as I possibly can. The main reason I moved to Brighton was so I could swim everyday if I wanted to. I don’t because in the winter it’s really too cold (I did go for short swims in Decemeber, January and March but like I said it was cold, real cold).


Anyway, swimming in summer is the bomb and I’m still so surprised at how few people actually do it. So here is my guide to getting in the sea:

First off: can you swim? If ‘Yes’, great. If ‘No’, your parents failed you and you should probably learn asap. The good news is that it’s pretty easy but stick to low tide until you are comfortable.


Learn to embrace the cold. It’s the sea, it’s always going to be a bit cold but there are some great benefits to swimming in cold water. So suck it up and dive in. The cold feeling only last for a minute anyways.


The possibility of being dragged out to sea by riptides and undercurrents can be quite scary even for the strongest of swimmers. Just remember these three things and you should be fine:

  1. Pick a fixed point on shore and keep your eye on it. This will be an easy indication of how far you have drifted.
  2. Never swim directly towards shore, try swimming on a angle. It’ll lessen the effects of the current and won’t tire you out as much.
  3. Don’t panic. If you do find yourself being dragged out to sea the easiest thing to do is panic. Well don’t. Keep calm and swim parallel to the shore.


Once you are in, swimming is easy. It’s salt water: you float. And it’s awesome. Seriously, just try it. Lay on your back and let the ocean sway you back and forth. Or you could giv’er and have a full body workout. The decisions up to you. There are also so pretty cool benefits of swimming in salt water. Natural beach waves is only the beginning.


Lastly here are some tips I’ve learned the hard way: Never go swimming alone and always listen to lifeguard warnings.


*Bathing suit is from Topshop.

**I realise not everyone is fortunate enough to live near the sea (I didn’t for most of my life) but luckily man has made pools. So sorted, sorta.


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