Manchester: Top Five

July 28, 2017


Earlier this month I took a little trip up north to Manchester. All I really knew of the city was what I saw from Shameless. Well, that show is brilliant but it’s a terrible representation of the city. I found Manchester to a bright, vibrant city. It was full of interesting, friendly people. It was cool; relaxed with a sense of style. It was hip without necessarily being trendy. And even though I was only there for a few days I could tell that Ian Brown was right: Manchester has everything except a beach.

Since I wasn’t there long enough to really give any sort of in depth travel guide, I won’t. But here are my top five suggestions:

  1. Manchester has such a huge music scene you couldn’t go without indulging in some of it. I’m sure there are plenty of ways to get your fix but for me it was always going to be about new wave. While catching a Stone Roses/the Smiths/New Order/Oasis cover band would have been amazing I found the next best thing: Blowout at 42’s. Every Tuesday, the longest running night in Manchester, according to their flyer. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, rock, indie, dance. Fucking Amazing. The music was brilliant, the people were nice, the drinks were cheap. The place was lit.
  2. In such a cool city you best believe that everyones style was steal worthy. Luckily that’s possible. Head to the Northern Quarter where you will find the streets lined with all the vintage stores of your dreams. Definitely check out COW two stories of vintage and refurbished clothing.
  3. After you’ve worked up an appetite shopping you can check out V REV in the Northern Quarter. They have a 100% vegan menu full of the most delicious junk food I’ve had since moving to the UK. If you are lucky enough to go you have to try the Buffalo the Vampire Slayer and their mac and cheese sticks.
  4. Alright it’s time to work off all that vegan cheese and what could be more fun then skateboarding?! Ha ok maybe not for everyone but if you skate or you don’t but want to try go to Projekts MCR skatepark. Is it indoor, is it outdoor? Who cares, it’s chill as fuck plus they have 1hour private lessons for £25 a pop, perfect for beginners. I took one because I’m still too chicken to skate with actually people. It was hard but helpful. The guy (Jonny one of many teachers I think) was motivating, really pushed my limits, plus he was pretty good looking and let me fall on him (I just had to ignore my boyfriend sitting on in the corner >_<).
  5. Relax in the city centre at Piccadilly Square. People tend to hang out there when it’s nice out. It’s a good place to bring a drink, take in some of the architecture and decide what to do next.

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