July 1, 2017




You may have noticed that all my outfit post included at least one pink this month. It wasn’t accident.

Yeah, so I’m totally in love with the colour pink. I have been for awhile. I never wore it much before but now half my wardrobe looks like it belongs in a barbie dream house. And I’m ok with that.

I could never resist buying the unusual pink item – a blushed coloured hammer, frying pan painted rose, an old school telephone in coral.  And that has pretty much translated directly to the pink clothes I buy; the boyish hoody, an inappropriate graphic tee or the oversized men’s t-shirt. The perfect combination of my favourite colour with my favourites types of attire.

So let’s get onto to the favourites: Pink accents. These accessories give the perfect hint of pink without making you look like the stereotypical girly-girl character like Chrissy from Now and Then.

  1. The pink cap. I chose a baseball because summer, but I own a beanie which works even better. I’d personally stay away from any hat that’s hyper feminine (pink or not) but that’s just me. This hat I purchased at Urban Outfitters and I currently share it with my boyfriend. It adds a casual feel to any outfit and the colour is super flattering on both us (which is amazing considering I’m tanned with yellow undertones and he’s almost see-through with blue/pink hues).
  2. Socks. Again I’d stay away from ruffles or lace socks but it’s a personal choice every (wo)man has to make for themselves. I almost died over these athletic socks with the pink stripes, hence why they made the favourites list. Purchased from Asos.
  3. Underwear. An easy way to add pink to your outfit when you don’t normally feel comfortable wearing pink. No one sees it (or hardly anyone) plus these ones with the feminist label on the butt make badass. Thank you Me and You for making these perfectly pink and empowering panties. (say that 5 times fast).


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