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October 30, 2017



When it comes to skincare I am a total product junkie. I love testing new things. So you can imagine how annoying it can be when the majority of skincare brands test on animals or use animal derived ingredients in their products. (I mean, it’s relatively annoying, but for the animals, it’s worse which is why I care that my skincare is CF +V). For make-up I am the opposite, I find something I like and I stick to it. So you imagine how annoying it was when I went vegan to discover that all my tried and trues were no longer viable options. I love being vegan and there are so many advantages when you make the switch. Buying beauty products is not one of them.

Companies don’t make it any easier for you either. Sometimes you really have to dig through their parent company’s website to find their animal testing policies if you find them at all (if you can’t assume the worst). And even if they are cruelty-free you now have the hassle of deciphering which products are vegan, which ones have honey, or beeswax, lanolin oil, animal-derived vitamin D, etc. Over the past three (and a half) years I have done some of this painstaking research. So I thought I would share my wisdom by featuring CF beauty brands with vegan products. First up: Glossier.

This brand is a fairly recent addition to my bathroom but a highly anticipated one. An avid Into the Gloss reader and a glossier groupie since day one, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for international shipping and all I can say is that they were totally worth the wait.

Before I even tried any of their products I became obsessed with the brand’s philosophy. Skincare first and makeup second. Similiar to my own (I grew up with a mother whose personal philosophy was skincare essential and makeup unnecessary) I was immediately hooked.  I have always been a true believer that if you are going to spend time and money on your skin it should be to make it better and not just temporarily look better.

Then they continued their beauty revolution by actively engaging with their consumers over social media and listening to create products that we wanted. Not like most beauty companies who like to tell us what we need. Celebrating our freckles, pore, spots, and marks the things that make us different and human and often what other companies want us to hide.

AND the cherry on the millennial pink Sunday: they are cruelty-free with loads of vegan options. Their current list of vegan products are:

Ok, so no, not all their products are vegan, but in my experience, it’s rare to find a brand who is 100% vegan.  Plus they make it so easy for us by adding CF + vegan labels to every product claim so you don’t have to search for it. I read somewhere that they have no intention of ever selling in countries that demand animal testing. China (being one of those countries) is a huge market and with those dollar signs flashing, lots of countries seem to lose sight of their ethics. Cough *Nars* Cough. It’s always a bonus for me when I know that they won’t suddenly have to boycott products I’ve come to love and depend on. 🙂

I did two videos reviews of my first Glossier products. Watch PART 1: First Impressions and Part 2: A Week Later.

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