Spring Wish List

February 9, 2018


Making a spring wish list at the beginning of February seems insanely optimistic for a Canadian. A groundhog might have only just predicted six more months of winter and, generally, they are so long and harsh it seems possible that winter will drag on until July. But I’ve been blessed with Europe’s mild seasons and I can’t deny the buzz in the air signalling spring is around the corner.

Since there will be no shortage of spring wish lists containing the latest trends urging you to buy flowy tops and transitional jackets, I’m going to make mine a little different. In an attempt to be less consuming and more doing, instead let’s create a list of stuff you want to do. I mean, have you ever looked back and thought ‘wow what a great spring, I owned so many things’? Probably not.

Instead of thinking about that perfect lightweight coat you’ll wear everywhere, bring your old one somewhere new. Perhaps you already have plans to travel this spring. If not, let’s make some. Personally, I’m super lucky. I’ve got plans to move around my new home country a bit; French Alps to the South West coast. Plus I have two weddings to go to; one in Ireland and then Poland, and I’m hoping for a cheeky trip to Italy as well to visit my boyfriend, who’ll be living there for spring and summer. If you don’t have any plans yet, don’t be discouraged. You have plenty of time to save money and make arrangements, and you don’t have to go far for a trip to be memorable. I’ve had some amazing little getaways by just hopping on a train and going to a nearby town. So, take your car, a bus or your bicycle to the nearest town over, or play tourist in your own city and do something you haven’t done yet.

Dreaming of sundresses you’ll slip into on sunny weekend afternoons to stroll through local farmer’s markets? Let’s put that energy towards the food instead. Spend your money nourishing your body instead of expanding your closet. With so many fresh fruits and vegetables in season, it’s the best opportunity to learn some new recipes and focus on your health. Speaking from experience: a healthy vegan diet will make you feel way better than a new dress ever could.

When spring hits and the weather warms up I feel a sudden surge of motivation. If you’re like me, don’t waste that hunting online, or worse, in malls, for the perfect bag. Use it to achieve a goal instead, we all have them. Perhaps you had a New Years resolution you’ve just about given up on, maybe you’re a student and you want to smash your finals, or you’ve been dying for a career change. I plan to channel my energy into exercising (skating, surfing, snowboarding, yoga, dance, running – ok I’ll stick to those for now) as well as creating content for my YouTube and blog.

Obviously, a new spring wardrobe sounds tempting and it’s so easy to just spend all your money and time investing in new clothes (I’ve done it before, many times) but, after two big moves, I’ve had to come face-to-face with the consequences: waste. Money, resources, your time and energy. I won’t go into how fast-fashion is destroying the planet, but perhaps this season you invest in expanding yourself a person instead of your wardrobe. And if you really need something, buy vintage 🙂

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