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Forever Basic

October 14, 2017

I heard a rumour that the Olsen twins spent two years designing the perfect white t-shirt. Caroline de Maigret, queen of French-cool, refers to the white t-shirt and jeans combo as the best first date outfit. The ensemble even appears in the lyrics of my favourite Lana Del Rey song. It’s essential for everyone’s wardrobe. It’s just so basic that it exudes confidence. An I-don’t-give-a-fuck sort of nothingness that shows you don’t need anything extra. It’s effortless. Shown here: an American Apparel (RIP) powerwash Tee, Topshop Mom Jeans, Converse and Asos wide fishnets.

Fashion Dilemmas and a New Wave

October 7, 2017

I started this blog a while back with the intention of documenting my own personal sense of style. In the vast sea that is fashion blogging, it seemed to be dominated by young, white, modelesque girls with perfect hair and perfect bodies wearing perfectly curated outfits, usually carrying the latest designer it-bag. And while these girls were beautiful, chic and unique in their own way, I felt I could bring something different to the table. I was (am) short and not overweight but not particularly thin either, half Asian and older than the average blogger. At the time I was also very into menswear (still am but not the same obsession level that I was) and loved trying to mix tomboy style with femininity. I wanted to start a blog that represented others like me.

It started out well, but I quickly fell victim to what I will call ‘blogger tunnel vision’. An avid vintage shopper and repeat offender (if I loved it I wore it until it fell off me), suddenly I was buying more well-known brands I could tag in the hopes of being re-grammed to gain more exposure. I wore something once maybe twice and then had to move to the next thing. I never fell into trends before unless it was something I genuinely liked and now I felt this need to keep up with all of them. I was buying clothing at an alarming rate. Something I didn’t even fully grasp until we moved to England and donated 12 bags of clothing (that doesn’t include the clothes I brought with me or the two massive Rubbermaid containers I filled to store at my parent’s house).

I wasn’t buying clothing with the same enthusiasm I once had. Shopping and getting dressed turned into a chore. I was thinking about ‘my brand’ instead of what I authentically liked. And of course, I was comparing myself to other bloggers and trying to emulate or keep up with these already established gurus instead of doing what I set out to do: be me. And the really funny part, all the fashion blogs I follow, the ones I would deem successful got there by having their own unique voice (because we all know that style isn’t just about the clothes you wear) and I was slowly becoming a cheap knockoff. I needed a break.

But here we are again, refreshed, lessons learned and passions re-kindled. High fashion is art (I did go to fashion school and I still follow designers and fashion week) but you won’t find much of it here.  You also won’t find much fast-fashion since evil takes a form in capitalism. I still buy the odd piece from ASOS and Topshop but I am consciously trying to buy less and stay far away from HM, Primark, Zara and the like. Instead, you might see more vintage and second hand, especially since apps like Depop make it so easy and from the comfort of your own bed. I’ll still document my outfits and give you styling tips, but fashion is not enough to keep me creatively fulfilled or passionately motivated. So along with style posts, this blog will now contain monthly quips on feminism, veganism, travel, and personal anecdotes or thoughts on the world. Not necessarily in that order and maybe with no order at all.

Welcome to the new AVEC LUI.


Bling Nose-Ring

May 6, 2017

This is the first time I’ve posted a picture of myself on this blog in … in awhile. I know I have been absent over the last year but hopefully that will change as I’ve been re-inspired to start the blog again. I might look very different from the last time I posted a pic. I probably still had blue hair and definitely didn’t have my new accessory (and the topic of today’s post). Well, accessory sounds like a bought a new hat and this was slightly more invasive. So, let’s call it a new addition: my septum piercing.

There was a time when having this piercing would have probably intimidate people. It was popular 80’s and 90’s for punks, rebels and the people my mother would have called hooligans. Who knew that thirty-ish years later it would become a trend; seen on pop stars, in the pages of fashion magazines and many teenaged girls (and boys). It’s this generations belly button piercing but genderless.

Regardless of it’s current trendiness it still adds a little edge to anyones look, despite the fact the piercing didn’t hurt at all! And, just like my blue hair afforded me the luxury to wear the most basic shit on earth and still feel cool, with this tiny gold ring I can now wear slightly girlies items (things I wouldn’t have worn before) and still feel like me. Punk not Priss.  Perhaps that’s not how everyone sees it but it’s how I feel and really, if I’m being honest, fuck-what-the-rest-of-you-think. 😉

– KL


Summer Lovin’

May 3, 2017


You’re probably thinking that I’m jumping the gun a little with this title. Don’t worry. I’m all too aware of this fact but, quite frankly, I’m over spring. BRING ON SUMMER.

Hmm… that didn’t seem to work, it’s still mild AF outside. Well, if declaring I’m ready for everyones fave season didn’t make it act like your junior prom date (aka coming early) then perhaps this post will. Positive thinking everybody.

I’m ready for warmer weather and everything that comes with it (bathing suits, surfing, picnics, camping, cut-offs). Here is my mood board for summer to help inspire everyone and hopefully with all our positive thoughts summer can penetrate the month of May and ride us until late September.  It’s going to be blue sky, green seas, millennial pink mens t-shirts and good vibez all around.

My New Obession(s)

January 28, 2017


I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry I took such a very long hiatus from my blog, but I’m back. I’m back to tell you about new obsessions. There are two.  The first one is skateboarding, a sport which is still predominately male, so not surprising that a tomboy such as myself might find herself complete enamoured. The second one is pink and not just any pink, pastel, baby girl pink.

Here’s the funny part, I have always liked the colour pink. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of pink but I did enjoy the occasional novelty pink item; pink hair drier, pink frying pan, pink hammer. The more random the better and the more I wanted it. Lately something wonderful has happened to help me add more pink in my life and grow my fondness of the colour into an obsession. The colour is slowly becoming less and less gender specific and I can’t seem to walk into a men’s store at the moment and not find something pink. Baby pink beanies. Men’s t-shirt in pastel rose. Peach hued jumpers. And I want it all. It’s safe to say that pink is having a moment and I’m loving it.

My relationship with skateboarding, on the other hand, started only recently. Unless you count sitting at skatepark watching my crush try to olli, which I don’t. I didn’t know any girl skaters when I was younger, so I never tried. Now, I’m not normally deterred from trying something just because there aren’t any girls doing it (actually just the opposite) but without a skateboard my options were limited. I would have preferred to try on privacy of my own driveway but my only option was asking my crush for a turn on his board… at the skatepark, which I was sure would end up with me falling on my face and make a complete fool out of myself in front of the very person I was trying to impress. So, I only ever watched in awe of all the lucky people who knew how to skate. And then in September, everything changed.

I was given a deck by one lovely Stefani Nurding (check out her Insta here) a woman who I casually followed on Instagram through the ‘suggestions’ page. She posted pictures of her ever changing hair colour, her unique fashion sense (she also has a fashion blog) and her skateboarding, which really made me want to learn. When I met her in person I mentioned wanting to learn to skate and she graciously offered me her old deck (which also happens to have pink grip tape) and I’ve been in love ever since. I’m not what you would call, um, a good skater. It’s hard and falling sucks but it’s so satisfying when you finally land that trick. Addicting even. Speaking of which, I’m off to practice my ollies on my pink skateboard.

– KL x