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On the Boardwalk

November 10, 2017

Comin’ at ‘cha with another outfit. Everything I’m wearing is second hand except my jeans and sunglasses. I’ve been trying really hard to minimize my consumption of fast-fashion while still satiating my love of clothes. I’ve come up with three rules that have really helped me and I maybe they can help you too:

  1. Sleep on it.  –  I suppose this one is a huge cliché but I use to be a huge impulse buyer, especially if something was on sale. The internet has made it WAY too easy to shop frivolously. And a lot of the time those clothing would end up at the back of my closet never having been worn at all. Walking away (or logging off) and giving myself the right amount of time to decide if I need it or even WANT it has been very successful. A lot of time I don’t even think about it again.
  2. Check Depop. –  This app has changed my life. If I’m looking for something specific I generally search Depop first. You can almost always find what you are looking for like I did with this lace crop top. You can buy what you want at a cheaper price and it’s better for the environment because you are re-using/recycling. Win, win.
  3. Re-visit my own clothes –  I often forget exactly what I own. Things to end up at the bottom of drawers, get lost in the hamper or forgotten in a suitcase. Anytime I’m looking for something new I shop my own closet instead. It really helps to remind myself of what I already have (and the amount), I get to be a little creative thinking of new ways to style my old favourites and sometimes I even manage a little declutter in the process.

Before I started following these rules buying clothes was… mundane. It wasn’t special. For 10 pieces I bought maybe 1 made me feel magical. Then I ended up with a very full and unremarkable closet. Now I try to save my money and my closet space for the items that I want to wear every day. To quote Blair Waldorf:

“Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are who we want to be.”

And I no longer want to be a fast-fashion lemming.


October 27, 2017

The fashion equivalent of the Madonna/whore complex. A paradox in itself. Is it girly and innocent or overtly sexy? I’m not here to argue either side because, frankly, it can be both. And what you decide to pair with that skirt can obviously teeter it one direction or the next. So I say; don’t give it any help. Keep them guessing.

The perfect example: Liv Tyler in Empire Records. The pleated skirt paired with combat boots and a loose (albeit it cropped) sweater and no makeup. The perfect combination to keep the paradox alive (it went well with the character’s personal conundrums as well but I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet, and you should, it’s a classic.) Don’t go too girly; stay away from Peter Pan collars and knee high socks or you’ll end up looking more Lolita than Liv. The same goes for low cut tops, knee-high boots or anything else overtly sexy. Keep the rest neutral and your attitude will shine through instead outfit.

On me: vintage t-shirt, my boyfriend’s vintage French labour jacket, a 6-year-old American Apparel (rip) skirt, and classic chucks.

*There could be a conversation about whether or not this skirt is age appropriate. One I’ve had with myself several times when I’m walking down the street and I pass girls half my age wearing their school uniform. But then I brush it off because, well, it’s 2017 and if Baddiewinkle can wear wtf she wants, so can I.

Forever Basic

October 14, 2017

I heard a rumour that the Olsen twins spent two years designing the perfect white t-shirt. Caroline de Maigret, queen of French-cool, refers to the white t-shirt and jeans combo as the best first date outfit. The ensemble even appears in the lyrics of my favourite Lana Del Rey song. It’s essential for everyone’s wardrobe. It’s just so basic that it exudes confidence. An I-don’t-give-a-fuck sort of nothingness that shows you don’t need anything extra. It’s effortless. Shown here: an American Apparel (RIP) powerwash Tee, Topshop Mom Jeans, Converse and Asos wide fishnets.

Fashion Dilemmas and a New Wave

October 7, 2017

I started this blog a while back with the intention of documenting my own personal sense of style. In the vast sea that is fashion blogging, it seemed to be dominated by young, white, modelesque girls with perfect hair and perfect bodies wearing perfectly curated outfits, usually carrying the latest designer it-bag. And while these girls were beautiful, chic and unique in their own way, I felt I could bring something different to the table. I was (am) short and not overweight but not particularly thin either, half Asian and older than the average blogger. At the time I was also very into menswear (still am but not the same obsession level that I was) and loved trying to mix tomboy style with femininity. I wanted to start a blog that represented others like me.

It started out well, but I quickly fell victim to what I will call ‘blogger tunnel vision’. An avid vintage shopper and repeat offender (if I loved it I wore it until it fell off me), suddenly I was buying more well-known brands I could tag in the hopes of being re-grammed to gain more exposure. I wore something once maybe twice and then had to move to the next thing. I never fell into trends before unless it was something I genuinely liked and now I felt this need to keep up with all of them. I was buying clothing at an alarming rate. Something I didn’t even fully grasp until we moved to England and donated 12 bags of clothing (that doesn’t include the clothes I brought with me or the two massive Rubbermaid containers I filled to store at my parent’s house).

I wasn’t buying clothing with the same enthusiasm I once had. Shopping and getting dressed turned into a chore. I was thinking about ‘my brand’ instead of what I authentically liked. And of course, I was comparing myself to other bloggers and trying to emulate or keep up with these already established gurus instead of doing what I set out to do: be me. And the really funny part, all the fashion blogs I follow, the ones I would deem successful got there by having their own unique voice (because we all know that style isn’t just about the clothes you wear) and I was slowly becoming a cheap knockoff. I needed a break.

But here we are again, refreshed, lessons learned and passions re-kindled. High fashion is art (I did go to fashion school and I still follow designers and fashion week) but you won’t find much of it here.  You also won’t find much fast-fashion since evil takes a form in capitalism. I still buy the odd piece from ASOS and Topshop but I am consciously trying to buy less and stay far away from HM, Primark, Zara and the like. Instead, you might see more vintage and second hand, especially since apps like Depop make it so easy and from the comfort of your own bed. I’ll still document my outfits and give you styling tips, but fashion is not enough to keep me creatively fulfilled or passionately motivated. So along with style posts, this blog will now contain monthly quips on feminism, veganism, travel, and personal anecdotes or thoughts on the world. Not necessarily in that order and maybe with no order at all.

Welcome to the new AVEC LUI.