Swim Fan – a guide to getting in the sea

June 21, 2017


Ok bitches! It’s fucking summer and you best believe I’m spending as much of it in the sea as I possibly can. The main reason I moved to Brighton was so I could swim everyday if I wanted to. I don’t because in the winter it’s really too cold (I did go for short swims in Decemeber, January and March but like I said it was cold, real cold).


Anyway, swimming in summer is the bomb and I’m still so surprised at how few people actually do it. So here is my guide to getting in the sea:

First off: can you swim? If ‘Yes’, great. If ‘No’, your parents failed you and you should probably learn asap. The good news is that it’s pretty easy but stick to low tide until you are comfortable.


Learn to embrace the cold. It’s the sea, it’s always going to be a bit cold but there are some great benefits to swimming in cold water. So suck it up and dive in. The cold feeling only last for a minute anyways.


The possibility of being dragged out to sea by riptides and undercurrents can be quite scary even for the strongest of swimmers. Just remember these three things and you should be fine:

  1. Pick a fixed point on shore and keep your eye on it. This will be an easy indication of how far you have drifted.
  2. Never swim directly towards shore, try swimming on a angle. It’ll lessen the effects of the current and won’t tire you out as much.
  3. Don’t panic. If you do find yourself being dragged out to sea the easiest thing to do is panic. Well don’t. Keep calm and swim parallel to the shore.


Once you are in, swimming is easy. It’s salt water: you float. And it’s awesome. Seriously, just try it. Lay on your back and let the ocean sway you back and forth. Or you could giv’er and have a full body workout. The decisions up to you. There are also so pretty cool benefits of swimming in salt water. Natural beach waves is only the beginning.


Lastly here are some tips I’ve learned the hard way: Never go swimming alone and always listen to lifeguard warnings.


*Bathing suit is from Topshop.

**I realise not everyone is fortunate enough to live near the sea (I didn’t for most of my life) but luckily man has made pools. So sorted, sorta.


Watermelon Mojito

June 15, 2017


Watermelons are back in season. This is awesome for two reasons.

  1. It means it’s summer.
  2. Watermelon juice in the morning.


Seriously nothing better than waking up and crushing a cold glass of sweet, blended watermelon. It’s super refreshing, hydrating and detoxifying. A great way to start your day. Here is one of my favourite ways to serve it: as a virgin watermelon mojito.


A normal mojito has white rum, cane sugar, mint and soda. To keep this healthy AF, I leave the sugar and rum.


What you need:

  1. a cup of cut up watermelon (best if you freeze it for 30 minutes first)
  2. the juice and zest of one lime
  3. a handful of mint leafs
  4. sparkling water (optional)


What to do:

  1. blend watermelon, lime juice and zest
  2. pour into a cup
  3. smack your mint leafs (to release the oils) and add them to your juice
  4. top with sparkling water (if you are so inclined)
  5. drink and enjoy


This is healthy and awesome just the way it is. BUT it would also make an awesome cocktail with a couple of extra steps:

  1. strain watermelon, lime, zest mixture after it’s been blended
  2. add the juice to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and 50 ml of rum
  3. shake and strain into a glass with crushed ice and mint leafs (don’t forget to smack) then top with sparkling water


And that’s it. You’re welcome.

MAY Monthly Favourites: Cruelty Free + Vegan Make up

May 31, 2017


I’ve decided to add monthly favourites as a recurring post because I have stuff that I like. Like a lot. I never thought I could really do a monthly favourites list because unlike most bloggers who seem to love trying new products, I generally stay true-blue to things I love. Which is why I can’t come up with a new list every month consisting of 10-15 new things I think you must try. Instead I’m doing a short cohesive themed monthly favourites. Hope you enjoy, let’s get to it.

For this first month we’s talkin’ about make up. 🙂 It’s an easy one for me because, like I said, I don’t switch up my products very often PLUS I don’t wear that much make up. However, I know that finding vegan beauty products – while getting easier – is still a pain in the ass. So, I appreciate other people’s CF + V list because it saves me the time googling a new brand I may want to try. So, maybe someone will appreciate mine too. For me it’s very important that my make up is cruelty free, vegan and easily replaced when I run out. Here is current make up staples that tick all the boxes

  1. HOURGLASS eyebrow pencil. In a world where brow tattooing is like going to the dentist for some people, the eyebrow pencil is now a staple in everyone’s make up bag. I like this one because it’s easy to use, you don’t have to sharpen it, has built in brow brushes at the end and it’s build-able. Hourglass is CF but isn’t 100% vegan but they do have a lovely list of their vegan products. 
  2. NUDESTIX mascara. I like a mascara that can length, thicken and not clump. And while almost all claim they can, many can’t. This one is pretty close to perfect. Again, Nudestix is CF but not all vegan friendly but you can do a quick ‘vegan’ word search on the website to find out which products are.
  3. ROSIE FOR AUTOGRAPH highlighter stick. This might only be available at M&S so if you don’t live in the UK, sorry. However, if you I recommend trying this one. It’s subtle, blend-able and easy to use. I’m not sure if the whole line is vegan or not but according to the M&S website this one is.
  4. JOSIE MARAN coconut oil blush. First off, I much prefer gel blushes because they give a nice dewy-ness to your skin that you just can’t get with a powder blush. Plus no brush needed, just your finger. I’ve used this one for a while and I really like it. Again this line isn’t totally vegan but it’s clearly stated which products are and aren’t.

Those are my make up staples at the moment and this months monthly favourites. Just going to leave you with a little advice on shopping cruelty free. Always check the website’s about us/faq page for information on their animal testing. If you can’t find anything, assume they test on animals. And, if they sell in China, don’t even bother looking them up. I always do a quick vegan word search on their website and see what products come up and then double check the ingredients (lanolin, beeswax and E dyes are the usually the big ones). You can try messaging the company directly, I usually use Instagram because someone is generally on it. AND when in doubt, don’t buy.


Bling Nose-Ring

May 6, 2017

This is the first time I’ve posted a picture of myself on this blog in … in awhile. I know I have been absent over the last year but hopefully that will change as I’ve been re-inspired to start the blog again. I might look very different from the last time I posted a pic. I probably still had blue hair and definitely didn’t have my new accessory (and the topic of today’s post). Well, accessory sounds like a bought a new hat and this was slightly more invasive. So, let’s call it a new addition: my septum piercing.

There was a time when having this piercing would have probably intimidate people. It was popular 80’s and 90’s for punks, rebels and the people my mother would have called hooligans. Who knew that thirty-ish years later it would become a trend; seen on pop stars, in the pages of fashion magazines and many teenaged girls (and boys). It’s this generations belly button piercing but genderless.

Regardless of it’s current trendiness it still adds a little edge to anyones look, despite the fact the piercing didn’t hurt at all! And, just like my blue hair afforded me the luxury to wear the most basic shit on earth and still feel cool, with this tiny gold ring I can now wear slightly girlies items (things I wouldn’t have worn before) and still feel like me. Punk not Priss.  Perhaps that’s not how everyone sees it but it’s how I feel and really, if I’m being honest, fuck-what-the-rest-of-you-think. 😉

– KL


Summer Lovin’

May 3, 2017


You’re probably thinking that I’m jumping the gun a little with this title. Don’t worry. I’m all too aware of this fact but, quite frankly, I’m over spring. BRING ON SUMMER.

Hmm… that didn’t seem to work, it’s still mild AF outside. Well, if declaring I’m ready for everyones fave season didn’t make it act like your junior prom date (aka coming early) then perhaps this post will. Positive thinking everybody.

I’m ready for warmer weather and everything that comes with it (bathing suits, surfing, picnics, camping, cut-offs). Here is my mood board for summer to help inspire everyone and hopefully with all our positive thoughts summer can penetrate the month of May and ride us until late September.  It’s going to be blue sky, green seas, millennial pink mens t-shirts and good vibez all around.

My New Obession(s)

January 28, 2017


I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry I took such a very long hiatus from my blog, but I’m back. I’m back to tell you about new obsessions. There are two.  The first one is skateboarding, a sport which is still predominately male, so not surprising that a tomboy such as myself might find herself complete enamoured. The second one is pink and not just any pink, pastel, baby girl pink.

Here’s the funny part, I have always liked the colour pink. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of pink but I did enjoy the occasional novelty pink item; pink hair drier, pink frying pan, pink hammer. The more random the better and the more I wanted it. Lately something wonderful has happened to help me add more pink in my life and grow my fondness of the colour into an obsession. The colour is slowly becoming less and less gender specific and I can’t seem to walk into a men’s store at the moment and not find something pink. Baby pink beanies. Men’s t-shirt in pastel rose. Peach hued jumpers. And I want it all. It’s safe to say that pink is having a moment and I’m loving it.

My relationship with skateboarding, on the other hand, started only recently. Unless you count sitting at skatepark watching my crush try to olli, which I don’t. I didn’t know any girl skaters when I was younger, so I never tried. Now, I’m not normally deterred from trying something just because there aren’t any girls doing it (actually just the opposite) but without a skateboard my options were limited. I would have preferred to try on privacy of my own driveway but my only option was asking my crush for a turn on his board… at the skatepark, which I was sure would end up with me falling on my face and make a complete fool out of myself in front of the very person I was trying to impress. So, I only ever watched in awe of all the lucky people who knew how to skate. And then in September, everything changed.

I was given a deck by one lovely Stefani Nurding (check out her Insta here) a woman who I casually followed on Instagram through the ‘suggestions’ page. She posted pictures of her ever changing hair colour, her unique fashion sense (she also has a fashion blog) and her skateboarding, which really made me want to learn. When I met her in person I mentioned wanting to learn to skate and she graciously offered me her old deck (which also happens to have pink grip tape) and I’ve been in love ever since. I’m not what you would call, um, a good skater. It’s hard and falling sucks but it’s so satisfying when you finally land that trick. Addicting even. Speaking of which, I’m off to practice my ollies on my pink skateboard.

– KL x

Levis, Levis everywhere, not a pair to wear

May 3, 2016

LEVISMy last post was all about my plan for the perfect, easy summer uniform. Vintage tee’s, flouncy hippy blouses and white Keds. All paired with the most important part of the uniform, the perfect pair of worn-in Levis. And while there is no shortage of the classic 501, I have yet to find the perfect fit.

I fear the problem is my body, not the denim. The pictures of all the denim I find show these long-legged models with tiny waist and large, uh, bums. The jeans are the perfect fit on them; tight in the right places and yet just the right amount of baggy in others. After trying on several pairs, I’ve noticed a similar, annoying trend.

They all seem to be too tight in the wrong places and baggy in places that just make me look shorter and, well, chunky (even though I’m not really that chunky). I know I’ve always carried my weight on my stomach and the jeans just seem to emphasize it, making me look like I’m a mom in jeans opposed to wearing ‘mom’ jeans. I’m not a mom, btw. The legs are then quite baggy giving my thighs the illusion of being bigger than they actually are. I told you, annoying.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet, my search will continue, but for now I’ll broaden it to the perfect jeans, not just Levis. I’m thinking something with a little stretch.

-Dress AVEC LUI-